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If you're reaching out about Hello Puppets! here are some answers to a few commonly asked questions:

Q: Will Hello Puppets! have an Oculus Quest port?

A: Hello Puppets! has not been greenlit for Oculus Quest at this time. If you'd be excited to play Hello Puppets! on Quest, please reach out to Oculus and ask for it! We appreciate your support and excitement! :)

Q: Help! Hello Puppets! isn't working on ReVive?

A: Unfortunately Hello Puppets! is not compatible with ReVive. We'd love to fix this in the future, but it isn't within the scope of our team at this time.

Q: Will there be a sequel to Hello Puppets!?

A: If we can, we'd love to create a sequel! There aren't any plans in the works at this time, but the support and excitement of our fans goes a long way to getting us to a place where we can make one! Thanks to all of you in our community for your love and support of Hello Puppets!


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