“HELLO PUPPETS!” is a horror-comedy adventure that turns your hand into a living, talking puppet named Scout.

Years ago, a bad Sesame Street knock-off called “Mortimer’s Handeemen” was canceled and forgotten, but the puppets from the show have come to life, they’re pure evil, and they have plans for you. Your only chance of escape is the somewhat-less-evil Scout. Work with Scout to find a way out of this freak show before it’s too late!


• Unique horror-meets-comedy tone

• Variety of companion interactions including nodding/shaking head and cooperative puzzle solving

• Scout remembers your answers and your relationship with her evolves over the game

• Rich lore hidden throughout the world, telling a horrifying and darkly comic story

• Complex, challenging puzzles and pop out scares keep you on your toes

Available now on the Oculus Rift Store!

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